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 - Welded steel pipes 3-1420 mm, wall thickness 0.5-75 mm
        GOST, TU, DIN, API, ASTM.
      - Welded square\rectangular steel pipes 10х10-400х400 мм
      - Welded steel pipes 219-2000 mm - length 2, 6, 12 m
      - Produce galvanized welded steel pipes 10-114 mm
      - Produce galvanized welded square\rectangular steel pipes
      - Light- and heavy-gauge pipes and tubes
      - Pipes and tubes for shipbuilding and aircraft industry
      - Insulated and preinsulated pipes
      - Enameled pipes
      - Pipelines components, shaped pieces for pipelines,
        incl. insulated - elbows, bends, tees, reducers, flanges, caps
      - valvs, faucets, bolts, gates
      - Produce, install and service (inc. spare parts) custom made
        automated non-destructive testing systems utilizing Ultrasonic
        for pipes, cylinders...
      - stomatological equipment
      - automotive batteries
      - powerful and economical electric heater of water
      - gas cylinder
      - and look many other products in a section Products