About us

DIPCO was founded in 2003. Our core business is supply tubes and pipes, tube fittings and stop valves, rolled steel, metalware and metal structures, equipment, spare parts etc. on Ukraine and after its limits.

To serve our customers we have wholesale and retail storage yards, metalworking units, metal structure manufacturing sites, corrosion treatment shops for pipes, rolled metal, metal products, as well as pipe insulating site. We have own truck fleet and offer elevated jobs of any complexity (steeplejacking).

We constantly support in a presence on storages large range of goods for an engineer, chemical, power industry, agriculture, commodities of the domestic setting and commodities for a house. Similarly we are the official dealers of many Ukrainian companies which are the producers of high-quality products and we are ready to sell it to you on advantageous for you terms, undertaking the decision of all questions, related to the processes of conclusion of transactions in Ukraine. We can find in Ukraine and sell you practically any commodities of production of Ukraine in the earliest possible dates. We can on commercial basis produce for you the market monitoring and to check up a supplier with which you want to co-operate and other great deal.

Our motto is “We ensure reliability and respect for the customer to reach mutual success”!

We strive to identify DIPCO with the full meaning of "RELIABILITY" - describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.